Therapeutic Faculty



Safoev Bakhodur Barnoevich

Doctor of Medical Sciences



For contacts with the secretary of the faculty: 8 (365) 223 48 12

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 Address: Republic of Uzbekistan 7050000 city Bukhara Avenue. Navai house number 1. Main building 2-floor 206-room dean,

207-cabinet deputy dean.




Nasrieva Lola Zaynievna

Deputy Dean for spiritual and educational work





Jumaev Mukhtor Fatullaevich

Deputy Dean for Academic Affairs

Senior Lecturer of the Department of Microbiology and Phthisiology



 Mavlonov Namoz Khalimovich

Deputy Dean for Academic Affairs

Assistant of the Department of Internal Diseases

and Endocrinology



 Karimova Nilufar Nabijanovna

Deputy Dean for Academic Affairs

Ph.D. Senior Lecturer at the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology





Faculty Foundation

         The medical faculty is an educational, scientific and administrative link of the Bukhara State Medical Institute. The faculty was founded in 1990 and has been operating in the institute since its inception.

  The faculty trains specialists “General Practitioners”.

    The term of study in our faculty is 6 years.

 The faculty includes the following departments:


1. Department of Anatomy and Clinical Anatomy (OSTA)

2. Department of Faculty and Hospital Surgery

3. Department of Neurology, Medical Genetics and Psychiatry

4. Department of General Surgery

5. Department of social subjects

6. Department of Languages

7. Department of Surgical Diseases and Resuscitation

8. Department of Internal Medicine and Endocrinology


The total number of students in the medical faculty in the 2018-2019 school year is 1094 students.

Of these, citizens of the Republic of Uzbekistan are 927 people, of whom 319 are under a state grant, 608 students are trained under the contract. The number of men enrolled in the faculty is 604 people, the number of women 323 people. At this time, 167 residents from foreign countries study at our faculty.

Information about the medical faculty of the Bukhara State Medical Institute named after Abu Ali ibn Sina

          The faculty of 1990 was named the “Therapeutic” faculty, starting from 2016 the faculty was renamed “therapeutic and pediatric” because it was begun to accept applicants in the specialties 5510100-medical and 5510200-pediatric.

Starting from the 2018-2019 school year, the growth of allocated admission quotas, the admission of foreign residents and the additional admission of applicants also in the course of some structural changes, the faculty got its former name “Therapeutic Faculty”.  

In our faculty the term of study is 6 years during which 116 subjects pass to the students.

         The medical faculty trains residents of all regions of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

The first graduates of the institute graduated in 1996, until now the faculty graduated 3300 doctors who conducted professional activities in various areas of the Republic as well as in Germany, Israel, Emen, the USA, Turkey, Russia, Kazakhstan and in other countries of the world.

The Institute directs all resources to optimize the educational and therapeutic process, creates all the opportunities for training according to world standards.  

In its turn, the medical faculty is engaged in enhancing the professional training of its professors and teachers for integration into the Bologna Declaration. The laboratory of clinical skills of the faculty is equipped with models for 150 million soums in the framework of the project “Health-2”. The laboratory of clinical skills training in 2014 was repaired, re-opened and received new types of simulators and virtual simulators.

The history of the deans of Therapeutical faculty:




The list of the names of professors and faculty members who were dean of faculty




U.Kh. Khasanov



R.D. Davronov



U.B. Bekmurodov



S.O. Komilov



Z.J. Jalolov



I.A. Mirkhodjaev



R.Sh. Kurbanov



Sh.J. Teshaev


2007 -2009

F.E. Nurbaev


2009 -2012

N.Kh. Vokhidov



Sh.J. Teshaev


until July 2018

F.Sh. Khamraev


from August 2018

B.B. Safoev




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