Information about the dean of foreign students



                       Rakhmatov Olim Bobomurodovich

                Candidate of Medical Sciences, Associate

          Professor of infectious diseases, pidemiology,

                       skin and venereal diseases

                        Phone: 8 (365) 223-39-58

                                         E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




                                    Sharipova Gulnoza Doniyorovna


                                           Phone: (91) 403-00-99


             Information about the dean of foreign students

   The quality of education at the Bukhara State Medical Institute is at the highest level and meets the requirements of the time. The number of foreign students at the institute is 259. Currently, when all foreign students have a high standard of education and the training system is highly valued, a roadmap has been developed for the admission of foreign students for the 2018-2019 academic year. About 260 applicants from Turkmenistan submitted their documents to Institute. All foreign applicants were provided explanatory work on teaching methods and forms of training at the institute. Currently, 239 foreign students have the right to attend classes in accordance with the order number 171/2 of October 13, 2018. 165 out of 239 foreign students are trained in areas of medicine, 26 of them are in dentistry, 17 are in pediatrics, 16 are in preventive medicine, 12 are in medical biology and 2 are in vocational education. The institute has an IRC Foundation, a library system and an electronic library. All foreign students are accommodated in the hostel of the institute. Automated electronic journals for assessing students' knowledge is developed and implemented successfully. In the student hostel celebrations and charity events are regularly held for foreign students.

  In addition to practical classes, special Russian language courses are taught. Each group is divided into 2 subgroups during the classes of the Russian language. Foreign students are actively involved in local and educational events organized by the institute. Uzbekistan’s international tolerance is a prime example of how the initiative opened a way to an education regardless the nationality.


Dean of international students:





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 Starting from 2018 academic year till now


O.B. Rakhmatov

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