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Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Pediatrics on study activities  

Hojiev Dilmurod Yakhshievich 

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Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Pediatrics
on spiritual and educational work

Yuldasheva Mashhura Muzafarovna

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Barnoyeva Sayyora Bobomurodovna

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document control senior staff

Azimova Nargiza Oripovna






Faculty foundation:


The Faculty of Pediatrics, MP and MB was established on the 29th of August, 2018, by the protocol of the 12th meeting of the Institute Council and the Order of the Institute No. 652/1 of 30 August 2018. Students of the faculty are studying in three directions among 181 pediatricians, 17 are foreign students in medical-preventive areas, 72 of them are 16 foreign students, 66 of them are in medical biology, and 12 are foreign students. The total number of students in the faculty is 319, of which 45 are foreign students. There are 174 girls and 145 students studying at the faculty. Among the faculty students there are talented students, who have won the Olympiads and sports competitions. The student of the group 134 Tilavov Muhammad is an IELTS certificate holder. The student of the group Khalilov Shamshod is a winner of Taekwondo WTF sports diploma.

The duration of study at the Pediatric areas 5510200 is 6 years,

Medical Prophylactics 5510300 is 5 years,

Medical Biology 5510900 is 4 years. 

  • There are 7 chairs in the Department of Pediatrics, Medical Prophylactics and Medical Biology: 

1. Medical biology and histology

2. Microbiology and physiatrias

3. Traumatology,Neurosurgery and Pediatric Surgery

4. Infectious diseases, epidemiology and dermatology

5. Organization of hygiene and health care

6. Department of Pediatrics

7. Folk medicine, sports medicine and occupational diseases


Duties of the Faculty of Pediatrics, Medical Prophylactics and Medical Biology: 

- direct management of academic, scientific, educational and scientific-methodical work in the faculty;

- Organization of elaboration of necessary normative and legal documents on the directions of education and magistracy specialties of the faculty;

- control over implementation of decisions of the Institute and the Academic Council;

- Establishment, preparation and training of reserve staffs;

- to give more attention to the issues of formation of professional ethics, to ensure the training of young, fair, selfless, patriotic and cadres;

- control over the educational process and the graduate qualification and practice of students;

- is responsible for guiding the formation of the training session, control over its performance, student performance;

- control over self-study of students, as well as assessment of their knowledge on rating system;

- transferring from the course to the course, the dismissal of students, the introduction of the state attestation and the defense of the graduational qualification work, preparation of the draft orders for academic grants, scholarships;

- Organizational, methodological and material resources for the organization of scientific and creative activities of students on a systematic basis, identifying gifted students, their involvement in their research works, motivating them to carry out scientific and research works individually and collectively, creation of technical conditions;

- providing gifted students with the Presidential scholarships, scholarships, scholarships of the institute, "Istedod" funds, Olympiads on subjects and other preparations for participation in competitions organization;

- organization of training of scientific and pedagogical cadres through scientific research institutes, coordination of work on improvement of professional skill and retraining of professors and teachers, recommendation of individual audience for participation in various competitions;

- conducts general management of the subjects of the faculty, including in cooperation with foreign scientists, preparation of textbooks, educational and methodical manuals, conducts training on English language literacy and computer literacy establishment of nationalities;

- Contest for the "Best Faculty of the Year" - organization of faculty participation; - to manage the Scientific Council, to organize inter-departmental meetings, scientific-methodological conferences (including with participation of foreign experts);

- Studying the potential of enterprises and institutions jointly with the marketing service of the institute for qualified specialists who are faculties, establishing contacts with graduating students, analyzing the quality of their work;

- establishing partnerships with other institutes for mutual exchange of teachers, students and scientific information;

- responding to the organization and implementation of educational services, carries out the use of extra-budgetary funds and their use for educational purposes;

- Formation of the content of the educational process based on the state educational standards developed taking into account the current achievements of the socio-economic development of the country, the needs of the society, society, culture, and technology;

- to consider to expand the resource base of the education system, one of the key factors influencing the quality of the personnel training;

- Development of advanced research and development of perspective plans on education development;

- Leading spiritual and educational activities in the hostels, organizing activities aimed at providing young people with meaningful leisure activities and preventing students from integrating into informal streams;

- implementation of measures aimed at improving the discipline among the students, increasing their activity;

        - formation of mutual trust and respect, sincerity and affection for formal and informal relationships between the faculty and students;

- control over the introduction of new information technologies into the educational system;

- conducting workshops on teacher experience, introduction of new pedagogical technologies and workshops on teacher-teacher reports under the Scientific and Methodological Council of the Institute; 

Professors worked as dean of the Faculty of Pediatrics, Medical Prophylactics and Medical Biology



Senior teachers



Kholmurod Naimovich Kayumov



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