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Sagdullaeva Gulandam Ulyanovna

Head of Center, candidate of veterinary sciences, senior lecturer

Year of birth: 13.05.1958

Place of birth: Karmana city, Navoi region

Specialty: doctor-veterinarian

Foreign languages: Russian and English

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Phone: + 998 93 473-42-71

Fax: 0 (365) 223-00-50

Reception days: daily



Saidova Nargiza Izzatovna


Year of birth: 02.06.1982

Place of birth: Bukhara region, Jondor district

Specialty: Ecology and use of natural resources

Foreign languages: Russian and English

Telephone: +998 97 308-40-42

Fax: 0 (365) 223-00-50

Reception days: daily


             Center for Advanced Studies and Professional Retraining ofTeachers of Secondary Special Education

The form of education is full-time. Duration of training 1 month, amount is 144 hours.

Training includes blocks and modules for general, professional, specialized subjects and teaching practice. 

Advanced training is conducted in the following areas: 

1. General Medicine - Therapeutic Subjects

2. General Medicine - Surgical items

3. Medical prevention

4. Nurse of high qualification

5. Prosthetic dentistry 

These areas include the following subjects: 

• Pediatrics

• Neurology

• Infectious and skin and venereal diseases

• Biochemical research methods

• Pharmacology

• Medical genetics

• ENT diseases

• Ophthalmology

• Obstetrics and gynecology

• Microbiology

• Hygiene

• Epidemiology

• Basics of nursing

• Dentistry 

Upon completion of the course and successful protection of qualification work a CERTIFICATE is issued.

Classes are held by the faculty of highly qualified teachers using methods that meet the requirements of the new level of teaching. The Center for advanced studies and retraining of teachers of secondary special education has a certificate of state accreditation of the State Testing center of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan. 

          General and professional units include the following subjects: 

• Education issues in speeches and works of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan

• Conceptual approach to the modernization of vocational education

• Education in the spirit of patriotism

• Combating corruption in the education system

• Innovations in the education system

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