Spirituality and enlightenment department

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Spesialist`s of the Department of spirituality and enlightenment:
Methodist: Raxmonova Feruza Baxodurovna
Methodist: Raxmatov Nuriddin Negkadamovich
Fon: 0(365)-223-10-49
Elektron adress: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
The spirituality and enlightenment department supervises over all work done at the university in this direction. It brings into accord the principles stated in standard documents, generalises an operational experience of departments, public organization and chairs in spirituality sphere: prepares and publishes necessary scientifically – methodical instructions and literatures, carries out the various actions directed on promotion of spiritual maturity of students.

General provisions:

• the Department is created on the basis of the order of the rector;
• he staff of department will be organised from leading specialists in this direction, teachers and employees;
• activity of the department is carried out under the supervision of the vice-rector on spiritually- enlightment;
• the Department carries out the activity together with deans of faculties, heads of departments, heads of chairs, tutors of the group
• department carries out the activity on the basis of the law of department of spirituality and enlightenment at the Ministry of the higher and secondary education;
• the Department has the plan of work for current next year;

The tasks of department:

Upbrining student’s youth in the spirit of national and patriotic traditions, widening their spiritual, aesthetic and moral outlook, a protection of their consciousness from influence of various extremist and harmful ideas and to bring up devoted citizens of independent Uzbekistan.

Department duties:

• holding the actions connected with educational and cultural work, carried out on the scale of the country;
• the Organization of work among student’s youth directed, aesthetic political, art education;
• holding actions, talks, meetings in the spirit of national and cultural traditions.
• promoting increase of spiritual and physical development of youth;
• determining a direction of spiritually-educational and upbrining work at university, elaborating appropriate standard documents and offers;
• participation in improvement of spiritually-educational work of the Republican centre of spirituality and right together with its city, regional branches and funds operating in the country and social organizations:

The department rights:

• to monitor spiritually-educational work at faculties;
• to monitor at faculties execution of orders and the instructions of the Ministry connected with spiritually-educational work:
• regularly participates and speaks with offers at meetings for electing assistants of deans on spiritually – enlightment work and their dismission of a post;
• makes offers and instructions to deans of faculties and heads of chairs concerning spirituality and enlightenment issues;
• monitors and assesses performance by professors and teachers of the works mentioned in point «Work on spirituality and enlightenment» in their individual plans of work;
• following the results of each semestre assistants of deans reports on the done work to the chief of department on spiritually-educational work;
• makes offers on spiritually- enlightment encouragement of the most active employees of faculties, departments and the chairs promoting of spiritually- enlightment work;


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