Bukhara state medical institute Financing and planning department




Kenjaev Azizbek Avazxonovich

Head of the department

Date of birth: 13.03.1987

Place of birth: Bukhara region, district Vabkent

Specialty is a: Economist

Knowledge of foreign languages: Russian, English

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Phone: 0 365 223-06-65, +998 90 744-13-20

Fax: 0 (365) 223-00-50

Reception days: everyday




Shukurova Feruza Kamolovna


Date of birth: 20.05.1989

Place of birth: Bukhara region, Bukhara city

Specialty is a: Accountant economist

Knowledge of foreign languages: Russian, English

Phone: 0 365 223-06-65, +998 90 511-15-18

Fax: 0 (365) 223-00-50

Reception days: everyday


                          Information about activity of financing and planning department

            The methods of organization of work, in current and future planning are guide by the principles of the economic department of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

The head of the planning and financing department in the established order is the repetitive of the institute on all staff schedules and controls the implementation of the decisions of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan, decisions and orders of the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Special Education, the Ministry of Health, as well as the activities of all departments, including the matters of the department and the work of self-supporting organization.

The economist of the planning and financing department monitors the use of funds received from the Ministry and the settlement account of the institute. Timely executes the decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan, decrees of the Council of Ministers on the increase of scholarships and wages, pares the answers and provide the Department of Statistics of the Ministry of Health with the objectives and tasks of the department.


                         Aims and functions of planning and financi

        Participation in the prospective and current planning training of doctors in universities.

- Organization of the Institute's activities and provision of its financing.

- Creation of prospective and annual plans for all types of activities of the Institute.

- Cooperation with the department of accounting and other departments of the Institute to ensure the correct and effective use of labor and funds allocated to the institution.

- Development of measures to increase remuneration and incentives for the staff of the Institute.

- Consulting the results of proposals for prospective and current plans for the admission of students, masters and clinical residents of the relevant departments of the Institute and their number of graduates.

- Affirmation of expenses for approved by the institute and approval of labor restrictions, limits parathion of proposals for the development of scientific activities of the institute and development of work plans.

- Calculation of cost price and costing for all types of contractual services.

-Preparation of calculations to determine the composition of professors and teachers and the distribution of lectures at the departments.

-Development of schemes for designing workplaces for administrative departments of the Institute.

-Development of budget estimates of budget expenditures.

-To pare accounting for Ministry of Healthcare of the Republic of Uzbekistan, submit statistical departments’ quarterly and annual reports on the implementation of the work plan, the number of management personnel, annual reports on the distribution of all employees in their posts, on issues of payment and remuneration.

-Analysis of financial and economic activities of all departments of the Institute through accounting and statistical reporting, as well as through direct visits to the institute.

- To make use of limits distributed on labor and money accounts and control their activity.

- To register and regulate documents on issues related to the activities of the institute, to organize their implementation in conjunction with the relevant heads of the institute.

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