Bukhara state medical institute Department of labor protection


Khasanova Nozima Khosimovna

Head of department

Date of birth: 09.03.1978

Place of birth: Bukhara city

Specialist: economist-manager

Knowledge of foreign languages: Russian, English

Phone: +998 93 960-57-75

Fax: 0 (365) 223-00-50

Reception days: every day

 About Department of labor protection: 

 Labor protection is a system of socio-economic, organizational, technical, sanitary and hygienic and medical-preventive and rehabilitation measures and means acting on the basis of relevant laws and other normative documents aimed at ensuring the safety, health and working capacity of the person in the process of work.
 In Bukhara state medical Institute, occupational safety is organized on the basis of the Regulations on occupational safety and knowledge testing in subordinate institutions of the Ministry of health of the Republic of Uzbekistan and the Law of the Republic of Uzbekistan “On occupational safety”.
 Employees who come to work at the Institute, after passing the instruction and testing of knowledge on safe work management, will be employed independently. The manual for employees is divided into the manual on labor protection and employment from the input manual, and the manual at the workplace, in turn, is divided into primary periodic and extraordinary management. Management directly at the workplace is carried out according to the programs developed by the heads of departments and approved by the chief engineer on the basis of rules and instructions for safe work. After initial instruction and internship, before entering an independent job or when transferring from one job to another, employees are checked for knowledge of the rules and instructions for safe work. The Institute has established control over the comprehensive execution of labor protection requirements. Employees are provided with free special clothing and footwear personal protective equipment. Personal protective equipment provided to employees is controlled by their storage and use. The Institute has a room for labor protection, which is equipped with textbooks. The Institute has implemented measures to prevent possible accidents and catastrophes when using medical equipment and tools. Weekly checks the condition of working conditions in departments and departments, as well as in student dormitories, the availability and serviceability of equipment, mechanisms, devices and equipment, heating and lighting systems, as well as the presence and serviceability of grounded protective wires. In accordance with the order of the Minister of health of the Republic of Uzbekistan № 200 On approval of the Regulations on the procedure for medical examination of employees in 2016-2017 and article 214 of the “Labor code” of the Republic of Uzbekistan, all teaching staff and working staff working at the Institute undergo medical examination. Medical examination is provided by the Commission of the Institute from among the leading professors and teachers. The Institute of labor protection is organized on the basis of three-stage control. Every year on April 28, the Institute holds the” world day of labor protection", to which senior officials and specialists of regional and city organizations are invited. In addition, articles and proposals will be made in the periodicals on labor protection in the region.
 The tasks of the fire safety Department are to unite the efforts of citizens to implement the Law of the Republic of Uzbekistan in the prevention and elimination of fires, the broad involvement in this work of engineering and technical personnel, employees, further improvement of the system of training of the younger generation of fire safety measures and proper behavior in case of fire, as well as the necessary accounting and systematization of information about the departments of departmental and voluntary fire service. 

The main tasks of the Department of labor protection:

1. General provisions Organization of work on labor protection in the organization.
2. Observance by employees of the organization of legislative and other normative legal acts and regulations on labor protection.
3. Improvement of preventive work to prevent industrial injuries, occupational diseases and improve working conditions.
4. Providing advice to employers and employees on labor protection.

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