Memo for applicants.

The applicant must submit the necessary documents to the selection Committee and confirm the correctness of the information about the documents submitted to the database of applicants.

After the end of admission appeals (complaints) from applicants are not accepted.

The applicant participates in the test at the specified date and time on the admission of the applicant.

During the process of testing the applicant has the right:

- to use a booklet with test tasks as a draft.

- to perform test tasks beforehand, then in order to pass the test materials to the observer of the group, then as well as leave the territory, where the tests are conducted.

In the day of carrying out of tests the applicant along with the entry at 07:00 pm (second shift at 13:00 pm) on the territory of the building and till 07:30 in the building (second shift until 13:30) only with the omission of the applicant and the passport through the means of identification, and also devices of video fixing, the first shift from 07:30 to 08:00 p.m. (the second shift from 14:30 to 15:00) is obliged to carry out the following instructions:

- to check the matching of the booklet numbers with the test tasks and matching with the number of the answer sheet;

- to check the wholeness of the test materials and inform to the group observer immediately if any defects were found;

- to be ensure that the answer sheet is filled in correctly;

- to write first name, last name, (middle name), put a signature in the correct place on the cover of the booklet with test tasks and answer sheet

- to rewrite correctly the answer sheet number in the correct place in the admission of the applicant and in the title page, put a signature;

- to rewrite correctly the special code and the code of the educational institution specified in the title page in the appropriate place specified on the answer sheet, as well as paint the appropriate circles.

In addition to the above responsibilities, the applicant is personally responsible for the following:

- to fill the answer sheet with a blue ballpoint pen;

- do not crumple the answer sheet, do not write on the marker line, do not paint (fill) the circles located under the answer sheet number;

- correctly fill in the answer sheet, as it is the main document confirming the level of knowledge of the applicant;

Finish the test tasks in the test booklet before the time limit expires, to paint (fill) the appropriate circles on the answer sheet in accordance with the sequence number, then to pass the booklet with the test tasks and the corresponding answer sheet to the observer of the group.

Test tasks are prepared in accordance with the curricula of general and secondary, professional educational institutions in general subjects.

Applicants pass the test in one, two or three sets of subjects based on the chosen direction of education.

Each subject in the test booklet consists of 30 test items.

In order to perform test tasks set time in 1 hour for 30 test tasks, 2 hours for 60 test tasks, 3 hours for 90 test tasks (with the completion of the answer sheet).

For each test task is given 4 alternative answers (”A“,” B“,” C“,”D").

The applicant must mark only one answer to each test task, painting (filling) only one of the circles on the answer sheet with the corresponding number, which is considered the correct answer from the booklet with the test tasks (you can not change the fillled answers on the answer sheet). If the rule of filling on the answer sheet is not observed, including if the corresponding circle on the answer sheet of the one test task is not painted or two or more circles are painted, or the circle is not completely painted, then this test task is not given a score.

During the test the applicant is forbidden to leave the group. A person who has left the exam is not allowed to go back to testing. Exceptions are cases of leaving the group without test materials under the supervision of an observer of the group.

In the following cases, the applicant is removed from the test process, and this is the basis for not making the results:

- if you try to bring or brought to the territory or in the building of the test: microcalculator, dictionary, table, book, cell phone, computer, telecommunications and other means, cribs or use them during the test;

- if you try to transfer test materials to another applicant or to try help them;

- if you try to take out test materials from the building or tear the sheet of the booklet with test tasks;

- if you try to refuse to pass the test materials after the expiration of the time allotted for the test;

- if in the process of testing through video surveillance is found mismatch with the order and rules of the applicant.


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